About Us

Zilla is an automatic photo backup application that lets you backup photos from your computers as well as online social accounts to your online photo / storage accounts, effortlessly. Zilla was founded in 2016 and incubated at Better, a micro venture firm based in Silicon Valley and Pune, India.

Zilla acts like a universal remote for your photo backups – you simple tell it what to backup where, once, and Zilla does the rest. It monitors your computers as well as online accounts for new photos and backs those up automatically. With growing photo collections, backups are a constant source of concerns to users and the current solutions are far less than optimal. Most are slow, buggy and cumbersome to use and satisfy only one off backup needs. The result is that most people are not backed up on their photos, inspite of having paid pro accounts with online services to store photos. Zilla addresses this exact issue with a dead easy solution that you keeps you backed up at all times. You can try Zilla for free today.


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