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Zilla is the fastest photo & video uploader for Flickr. Zilla gives you unparalleled functionality to bulk upload your photos & videos to your Flickr account, effortlessly. And its free!

PicBackMan Flickr uploader Reviews This is a fantastic piece of software! I wanted to backup 100+ gigs worth of original sized photos to Flickr and after trying many many tools, PickBacMan was the one that finally worked. It worked flawlessly for 10 straight days uploading all my photos without a single error/ timeout/ crash. Absolutely amazing! - Achal Gupta
PicBackMan Flickr uploader Reviews PicBackMan has been operating quietly in the background on my Mac for a year now and in that time has backed up over 30,000 photos to Flickr. It's done exactly what I wanted it to do with no fuss, it's a great piece of software. - GavPeloton
PicBackMan Flickr uploader Reviews Great tool for enduring your photos are always safely backed up. I backed up tens of thousands of photos and dozens of videos to Flickr in my 1st couple of months using PicBackMan. Would unreservedly recommend as it works seamlessly and copies your photos to Flickr in sets which reflect your folders. - Barry Graham
PicBackMan Flickr uploader Reviews I've been fighting with the Flickr uploader for months. It keeps crashing and there is no support. PicBackMan works great! Very stable and faster and more features than the Yahoo Flicker uploader. Thanks! - T.E.Lahey

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Zilla is a Flickr Uploader That "Just Works"

Crashless -ly Backups


Tortured by uploaders crashing on you, including Flickr’s own? Not any more. Zilla crashless-ly backups up 1000s of photos to your Flickr account.
Duplicate free photo and video uploader

Duplicate Free

With Zilla, don’t fear a flurry of duplicates uploaded to your Flickr account for your to sort through. Every photo is dupe-checked before upload.
Effortless photo and video uploader


Zilla doesn’t need you to upload 100 photos at a time or a sub-folder at a time which is cumbersome & time consuming. Its literally 1-Click.
Continous backup of photo and videos

Continuous Backup

Zilla keeps looking for new photos & videos in your connected folders and automatically uploads them to your Flickr account, without you having to do a thing.

Everything You’ve Wished for in a Flickr Uploadr

And a lot more. Don’t find a feature here? Email us at [email protected] & we will confirm.

See How Zilla Works

Zilla is designed to be dead easy & effortless. See how it works and download to start using it within minutes.

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Zilla has been endorsed as the fastest and effortless way to stay on top of your backups - never lose sleep over photo backups again.

PicBackMan automates the process of uploading pictures to multiple photo storage sites.
Top rated photo backup application. PicBackMan cnetdownload rating
PicBackMan Flickr uploader Reviews I use this to backup my photos to Flickr. It makes the process much easier. I now have about 16,000 photos in my flickr account. Using PicBackMan helps automate the process of uploading them, keeping them grouped into sets, etc. - Charles R. Cherry
I was looking for a good solution to sync tons of pictures with my Flickr account. tried nearly every tool exists but nothing had met my needs perfectly. with the recommended PicBackMan and its Desktop application i got all i need and more. I've uploaded all my images easily , pretty much hands free - just define several folders and all the rest is done automatically. Dedup feature works great and found duplicates i did not even thought exists. the application overhead is minimal - its buffetings and queues are working well with my other network consuming tools. i had purchased the premium license 2 days after i had started to use the application and can state that it worth its cost - extremely recommended. - Eyal Zamir